Puppy Contracts
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CRESCENTMOON Cocker Spaniels - Pet Puppy contract

This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health, to the best of our knowledge, at
the time of purchase and has been started on permanent inoculations. You have
72 Hours from the time of purchase to have the puppy checked by a licensed
veterinarian, and you are strongly urged to do so. If the veterinarian finds
anything seriously wrong with the puppy ( ie. life threatening), it will be exchanged
for another puppy of equal value immediately, or when available, provided a letter
from the examining veterinarian is offered as evidence of the puppy's illness, and
the puppy must be returned within 72 hours from the time of purchase.
The seller will in no circumstance refund any/part of the purchase price to the
buyer. We cannot assume responsibility for this puppy once leaving the premises.
If, for any reason, you no longer can care for the dog in it's lifetime, please let us
know and we can find it a loving home. We, the undersigned, understand this and
accept full responsibility for this purchased pup/dog. We hereby release the
Fullers from any further liability.
We understand that the AKC registration papers will be held by the breeders until
proof of neuter/spay has been proven by a veterinarian's receipt sent to the
breeders. At that time, a Limited AKC registration paper application will be sent to
the buyer.
This puppy is being sold as a pet on a limited registration and the above
guarantees are null and void if this dog is used for breeding purposes.
This Contract supersedes any previous written contracts, or verbal agreements.
Signing this agreement is an acceptance of terms set forth in this document. This
contract will be governed by the state of Indiana.
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Show Puppy Contract

GUARANTEE: To the best of the seller's knowledge and belief this puppy/dog is in
good health and is free from symptoms of contagious and infectious disease at the
time of sale. Parents have been genetically screened for hereditary problems and
have proper DNA testing as required by AKC. If you believe the puppy to be in
anything but good health, you should take it to a veterinarian within 72 hours of
purchase. If the dog is anything but in good health due to disease (not injury or
mishandling,) a replacement puppy of equal value will be given upon the return of the
dog, or when available, along with a certificate from the veterinarian with a written
diagnosis of the illness. This does not include the presence of worms or coccidia,
which may be present in a healthy puppy.
This dog will have the characteristics of the AKC recognized breed of Cocker Spaniel,
and this dog is not to be spayed/neutered without breeders permission, and a full
registration is being given ( after receiving said pup's AKC Championship), with Gary
& Pamela Fuller having  breeding rights for this dog. It is believed at this time, this
puppy/dog has good show potential and is show quality. No guarantees are made on
this dog's finishing his/her Championship as this is dependent on training, socializing,
and showing of said dog. If pup is not show quality as an adult, then buyers can have
pup neutered and will receive AKC papers from Breeders.
No offspring from this dog are to be sold to any commercial breeder, broker, or pet
shop. Any offspring not appearing to have show potential will be sold with a
spay/neuter contract on a Limited Registration. Any offspring sold with show potential
with full registration is to carry the same restrictions as contained in this contract. In
the event of a male dog, if ever used as a stud, the contract to breed must contain
these restrictions on the offspring. This pup is to be owned by the Breeders until said
puppy has finished it's AKC Championship. The breeder is to receive a copy of the
AKC Championship certificate and a copy of his finishing show photo, at which time
the Breeder will sign off ownership to Buyer. Stud rights are retained by the breeder
for the use of any dogs bred  by Gary & Pamela Fuller.
This dog is to never be put into a rescue situation and should be returned to the
breeder to be re-homed if necessary. No intact Crescentmoon dog purchased from
the Fullers is ever permitted to be resold without approval from the Breeders.
Breeders are to be afforded the right to buy said dog back for the purchase price,
before offered for resale to any other party. It is understood by buyers that if said dog
is resold without the Fuller's permission there will be a penalty of $10,000 damages.
Said Buyer agrees to pay the Fullers this amount of $10,000 as damages for selling
said dog without Breeders' permission.
Any disputes arising on behalf of this dog are to be resolved in Howard County, State
of Indiana, that the breeder resides.
This agreement is accepted by the Buyer and the Seller
Buyers Signature
                                                        Sellers Signatures