Phone: 765-434-5117
           Hi, I'm Pamela Fuller, proud owner (with my husband Gary) of Crescentmoon Cocker
    Spaniels. I have raised and shown Cockers since 1976. I purchased my first Cocker in 1973.
           Gary and I are proud to guarantee the temperaments on all of our dogs. We have been doing
    doberman temperament testing, and the U.S. Army Super Puppy Tactile Stimulation on all of our
    puppies  we have bred for over 25 years now. All of our Champion   are certified
    for Eyes and Hips. We try very hard to produce the best animal possible in each litter because we
    breed only for ourselves to have something new to show. Our puppies available for sale are the
    brothers or sisters of the pups we have chosen to keep for
    ourselves to breed and show. Our Cockers are very beautiful, intelligent, laid back, and lovable.
          They make great pets, as well as obedience, therapy and even one search & rescue dog out in
    California. Give us a call to set up an appointment to visit us anytime. Pamela is also available for
    dog training and grooming by appointment.
Nationally Ranked Top
of Champion daughters